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Our successfully completed works include the following:

Mining related prior to 1979

In the field of mine construction, TICIL has experience of sinking deep shafts through very difficult water bearing and gassy strata conditions. These mine construction works were done both in coalfields strata as well as in metalliferous mines. Some of the major works completed are as under:

Client   Mine Construction
Hindustan Copper Limited, Calcutta at Khetri Copper Complex  
  • Construction of the Kolihan Copper Mine Production shaft and appurtenant works
Amalabad Colliery in Jharia Coal fields, Dhanbad  
  • 5.5m finished diameter shaft, 340m deep
  • 6.1m finished diameter shaft, 440m deep
Madhuban Colliery in Jharia Coal Fields, Dhanbad  
  • 4.92m finished diameter - 250m deep
Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Jamshedpur Jamadaba Colliery  
  • Widening and deepening - 420m deep


Kalinadi Hydel Project (810 MW), Karnataka
July 1979

For the Kalinadi Hydel Project, TICIL constructed the entire water conductor system from the Intake to the Power House.

Major works comprised the following:

  • Completion of a 7.926 m diameter horseshoe shaped concrete lined tunnel. This tunnel was 9.45 km in length with a concrete lining of 30 to 50cms thickness;
  • Completion of a 21.30 m diameter restricted orifice type Surge Shaft with top and bottom expansion chambers and gate grooves for control gates with a depth of 65m;
  • Completion of three R.C.C. Tunnels connecting the Surge Shaft bottom below the orifice slab with inclined Pressure Shafts at EL 1190 adit, the Steel Lining Assembly and the Lowering Chamber.
  • Completion of two horizontal circular steel Penstocks with a 3.50 m diameter;
  • Completion of three horizontal pressure shafts of 5.25m diameter and a 50o incline; and
  • Completion of a Power House adit with a steel lining chamber for the Penstocks.


Chamera Hydroelectric Project (540 MW), Himachal Pradesh
May 1987

  • For the Chamera Hydroelectric Project in Himachal Pradesh, TICIL executed 8m wide Access Tunnels to the underground Power House, Transformer Gallery and the Tail Race Tunnel;
  • Works included major excavation of the entrance which formed the portal; and
  • The total length of tunneling involved was 1.30 km.

The tunnel was driven through meta-volcanic rock, shear seams and water bearing strata. To achieve this, modern tunneling equipment was deployed, including: three boom Tam Rock Hydraulic Jumbos for drilling, automatic rock bolting jumbos, low profile 11 Dux Dumpers, Caterpillars and 7 cum side dump loaders. Additionally, new Austrian Tunneling Technology was introduced to reduce the need for conventional steel supports.


Tehri Hydro Power Plant (1,000 MW), Uttarakhand
March 1998/ June 2008

The Tehri Dam Project is one of the most prestigious Projects in India situated on the Bank of River Bhagirathi, the biggest in Asia and the 5th biggest in the world.


TICIL executed major contracts of the Left Bank Diversion Tunnels and the entire Underground Power House Complex (4 x 250 MW) 1000 MW, under the contract Tehri Hydro Power Plant Civil Works Package I, II & III. These were commissioned successfully and handed over to the client, THDC.

PSP Civil Works - includes the works of PSP Adit 8 & 9 and Adit 7, 7A; and
The value of Tehri HPP Civil works Package I, II & III (Underground Power House) is over Rs.765 crores (US$ 1.2 billion);

HPP Civil Works Package I HPP Civil Works Package II HPP Civil Works Package III
  • Works included: intake structure, balance work of head race tunnels, control gate shafts, bifurcation of HRT, butterfly valve cavern, penstock assembly cavern, erection chamber, vertical and horizontal pressure shaft, approach adits and others appurtenant works.
  • Total value of works executed as at June 2008 is Rs. 354.76 Cr.
  • Works included: machine hall cavern (197.00 X 24.00 X 67.00 m), transformer hall cavern (161.00 X 18.50 x 34.00 m), draft tube, upper and lower expansion chambers, cable and ventilation tunnels, control room, compressor hall and other appurtenant works.

  • Total value of works executed as at June 2008 is Rs. 263.95 Cr.
  • Work includes: tail race tunnels 1 & 2, approach Adits, TRT exit structure other appurtenant works.

  • Total value of works executed as at June 2008 is Rs. 134.21 Cr.
PSP Civil Works
  • Includes the works of PSP Adit 8 & 9 and Adit 7, 7A.


Salal Hydroelectric Project (345 MW),
Jammu & Kashmir
June 1996

This project involved the construction of a tail race tunnel that was 1.35 kms in length, in a standard shoe horse shape, with a 11.0m finished diameter and 100.34m cross-sectional area.


Upper Sindh Hydel Project (105 MW)
May 2002

This project involved the construction of a tunnel on the Sumbal Link from RD 640m to RD 3,060m, of the Upper Sindh Hydel Project Stage -II. The tunnel was 2.42 km in length in a modified horse shoe with anof excavated diameter of 5.45m and a finished diameter of 4.75m.


Pykara Ultimate Stage Hydroelectric Project
(150 MW), Tamilnadu
November 2004

The works with the help of Alimak Raise Climbers included the Underground Power House Cavern, the Transformer Hall Cavern, the Inclined Cable Tunnel, the Tail Race Tunnel, 6.80 km long, the Pressure Shaft at 60 and 45 inclines with an excavated length of 1.31 km.