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Partners Both Past & Present
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S.K. Engineering & Construction Company Limited ("SKE&C"), Korea   ISPRL Mangalore - the Civil Works of the Underground Rock Caverns for the strategic storage of crude oil, (1.5 mn MT/ 14 mn barrels), at Mangalore, Karnataka, from Engineers India Limited ("EIL"), for Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited ("ISPRL")
ERA Infra Engineering Ltd.   Delhi-Rohtak section of NH-10. Construction of highways for the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) including: design, engineering, finance, construction, operation and maintenance of Delhi Haryana border to Rohtak section of NH-10 from 29.70 km to 87.00 km

International Partners: S.K. Engineering & Construction ("SKE&C"), Korea

KCT entered into a Joint Venture with S.K. Engineering & Construction ("SKE&C") ( a subsidiary of the S.K. Group (, Korea's third largest conglomerate and one of the leading business organisations in World.

The S.K. Group is made up of 40 member Companies with an international presence in six Continents with over 25,000 employees. SKE&C to its credit has executed 6 Rock Caverns Projects out of 13 such Rock Caverns in Korea itself.

SKE&C is also engaged in a versatile range of plant work having amassed significant technical expertise in energy-related infrastructure projects, as well as consumer products plants, automated plant facilities, and industrial plants.

SKE&C has secured several prestigious turn-key projects, such as:

  • The EPC Contract of the Cadereyta Refinary (Contract Amount US$ 2.424 billion);
  • The EPC Contractof the Madero Refinery (Contract Amount US$ 1.2 billion);
  • Reconfiguration projects in Mexico that stand as the world's largest projects of their type; and
  • The full-scale refinery projects in Kuwait, Brazil and Ghana.

Additionally, SKE&C takes responsibility for a wide range of field developments, from front-end studies to detailed design & engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, and commissioning. It has executed a wide range of design and construction projects for the petroleum refining industry, from single unit revamps to grassroots complexes worldwide. SKE&C's experiences in refining include:

  • Crude distillation unit;
  • Vacuum distillation unit;
  • Heavy oil upgrading;
  • Hydrotreating plan;
  • Gas concentration;
  • Naphtha reforming;
  • Coking; and
  • Isomerization Plants.