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Key Achievements
Key Project Achievements
Largest Under Ground Power House Construction, Tehri
Largest Diameter of Shafts Executed (Control Gate Shaft 1&2), Tehri
Construction of Water Retaining Structure at Intake in HRT 1, 2 and 3, Tehri
Highest RCC Framed Structure - Power House, Tehri
Largest Tunnel Bored - Race Tunnel, Pykara
Fabrication & Erection of Penstock
Maximum Excavation with Blasting in One Month
Maximum Excavation without Blasting in One Month

Certificated Experience

  • Construction of concrete structures of height more than 40m;
  • Heavy concrete (density around 2 tns/cum) quantity of minimum 1000.00 cum executed;
  • Reinforced cement concrete quantity of 15000.00 cum or more achieved in a month;
  • Prestressing and grouting works with minimum cable capacity of 250 tns;
  • Reinforcement cage fabrication outside the work spot and placing in position;
  • Construction of underground structures with depth more than 5m with respect to ground level;
  • Experience in dome ( spherical/ toro spherical) concreting;
  • Fabrication of EP's, trusses, liners, etc. with minimum quantity of 200 MT/ month for a single project;
  • Erection of EP's, trusses, liners, etc. with minimum quantity of 200 MT/month for a single project;
  • Experience with Slip form/ Jump form / Doka or equivalent or any other latest form work technology;
  • Experience in mix design of normal and heavy concrete;
  • Operation of batching plant and operation of crushing plant;
  • Concreting through pumping (Placer Booms/ Pumps); and
  • Rock Excavation without blasting.