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Future Outlook
Infrastructure development is a major input to economic development and sustained growth in an economy. As India continues down its path of development, infrastructure has become increasingly important. Although the Indian Government has been proactive in building necessary infrastructure in the energy, transportation, and urban sectors, additional investment is needed. Like many countries, private-sector involvement will be critical in escalating India's infrastructure beyond meeting basic needs and reaching a level that advances the efficiency with which India's economy operates. Many PPP and BOT Projects have been and will continue to be a growing trend with very large investment plans. Although, the climate for the infrastructure sector in India is strong in the long run, there is a temporary concern of:

  • A slowdown in the global economy precipitated by the financial crisis of 2008;
  • Growth in global competition; and
  • Weakening international currencies.

To respond to this, TICIL has embarked on a plan to:

  • Take advantage of the growth in global competition and to partner with those international companies who compliment TICIL's specialisation, experience and know how, to grow its top line; and
  • Increase its bottom line through rigorous receivables management, lean operations management and tight project management practices.

We believe that through the above actions we will be able to navigate through any uncertain times and take advantage of future developments.